Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thousands Of Links In Weeks

This is what it says; this new link site that I recently joined. Zeriouz Network! I just want to give it a shot. I checked the site how it works and here's what is stated in it.

How It Works

You will be absolutely amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the zeriouz network system. zeriouz will send you thousands of visitors, just for placing some free code on your website which contains five links and a referral ID.

Referral Structure

You refer 10 people: 1st Generation: 10 links to your website
Your 1st generation refers 10 people: 2nd Generation: 100 links to your website
Your 2nd generation refers 10 people: 3rd Generation: 1,000 links to your website
Your 3rd generation refers 10 people: 4th Generation: 10,000 links to your website
Your 4th generation refers 10 people: 5th Generation: 100,000 links to your website

All you have to do is enter your URL, moderate your upline and submit the zeriouz form. Then you will be presented with code that you will paste into your website, as well as a referral ID that you can use to promote your website. The entire system is easy to follow and implement.
The Referral Code

The link code which you need to place on your website contains the URL's of the 5 generations that submitted their link at zeriouz before you, as well as your own zeriouz ID. When someone clicks the referral code on your website (ie: The part that says: "Add Your Link"), they will be directed to zeriouz where they can submit their own URL. When they place the link code on their website, your website will be listed in position #2.

This goes on for 5 levels. So let's say you personally refer ten people, and each person that signs up through your downline refers 10 people. By the time your website has gone through 5 generations (5 tiers), your link will be on 100,010 websites. They are not Javascript Links. They are real text links.

Note: The number "10" is used only for an example. You can refer 2 people or 202 people. There is no minimum or maximum number of people you can refer. However, the more you refer, the more traffic you will receive. It is recommended that once you have the code on your website, that you also do your best to promote your referral ID. That's the key!


Now, obviously there are people in the world who believe that the only way to get by is to cheat. So, the way that the zeriouz system has been set up is that there's no way to cheat. See, when you sign up through someone's referral URL, their website is in that URL. That's the whole reason they're using the system: To promote their URL. All you have to do is check the website of the person that referred you, and if they do not have the code on their website, you are able to eject them from the system when you get your link code. The zeriouz system offers the ability for each person who signs up to moderate their upline, which will keep the system free of cheats.

You can check to see if anyone in your upline has removed or manipulated the links by simply clicking the links on their website. It is a rule that the link must be displayed on the website homepage. So if you cant find the code on the first page, don't bother looking anywhere else. Just come back and eject them from the system using the moderation form.

Tip: Some people's pages are really long and it can be a bit of a chore to find the zeriouz code. It is a rule that the text "zeriouz Partners" must be retained. Therefore, to quickly find the code on your referrals homepage, just press [CTRL] + [F] and then type zeriouz. If no text is found, they don't have the link code on their page. You can moderate them out.

There's no way to cheat, and there's no "reason" to cheat. If you just follow the system as it was designed and as it was intended, and refer at least ten people, you will begin to see a storm of traffic to your website. All you have to do is keep the code on your website, because the people you refer will check it! If they see that you've manipulated the code, they'll just moderate you out of the system, and that's not a good thing for you. You could lose hundreds or thousands of links. That particular person might have the ability to single handedly refer hundreds of people. To refer hundreds of people isn't hard in the first place, because the system is totally free and requires no registration!

However, as much as everything above makes sense, there's always "some". There are people in the world that are compulsively dishonest. But in any case the dishonesty of people will not affect this system. The only people who will be affected by dishonesty are the ones being dishonest.

Security and Privacy

The system behind zeriouz was pondered for years, and many pilot sites were created to test how the system might work best. The way that zeriouz works is a first of a kind online. There is no database here. No registration is required. zeriouz does not collect users details. This whole system runs off a handful of PHP files, and some ingenious and revolutionary coding. With zeriouz, there are no files stored that contain your information.

If the zeriouz website goes down (for what ever reason -- things happen), the entire network will remain in tact. The Internet "is" the zeriouz database, and the staff are the members of the program. You'll be hard pressed to find a more revolutionary, one of a kind, safe, secure and "self moderating system" like this online anywhere.


You must place the code on your website homepage. If the code is not visible on the index page of your website, then the people who you refer will not use your code. If you try to cheat, your referrals will eject you from the system.

Modifying the link code

You are allowed to modify the link code in any way you wish as far as look and feel. You are free to make the link colors and font match your website. However, you must keep the links in the exact order that they've been provided to you. You must not attempt to distort the functionality of the code. In simple terms: You can change look, feel and layout, but you must not change the links or the referral URL string.

The referrals of those who do not display the code, or manipulate the code will review your website when they come to add their own link. If they find that you have manipulated the code to serve your own purposes, they'll eject you from the system. It really pays to just do things properly and to use the system as it was designed. There's no way to manipulate the system. Everything was thought of before it was launched to the public. If there was a way it could be manipulated, it wouldn't have been launched.

You must retain the text: "zeriouz Partners" in the code.


You will also be provided with a promotion link code. For the best results, you should submit that link to your contacts, webmaster friends and safelists and put it in your forum and email signatures. Even though the link code must be placed in the bottom of your website, the "referral URL" really should be placed somewhere where it will be seen and clicked on. It is in your best interest to have people click that link, because every time someone signs up under you, you have your website link on another website, and even 4 more generations thereafter. Even "one" referral could lead to "hundreds" of links.

Let's say you only refer "3" people, and each person thereafter refers only "3" people. By the time your link has passed through all 5 generations (which can happen in weeks), you will have your link on 246 websites! When is the last time you were able to attract 246 "homepage" reciprocal links just for personally referring 3 people? What if you mass promote your referral ID and attract "hundreds" of people? Hm? Think about it. This system is undoubtedly the best way to get links to your website online.


* No adult or Gambling Websites
* Family (PG) Content only.
* No hate sites, racist sites or illegal sites of any kind.
* Currently, zeriouz is an English only network: See Regional

If you find a website in your upline that contains adult content, is hate related, displays illegal content or anything that is not suitable for family viewing -- or is breaking any of the rules described on this page, please moderate the link out.

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