Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blogging Startup Step 2: Blog Titles and Keywords, Is There a Difference?

If you put up a business, you need a business name. The same goes when you put up your blog. You need to come up with the right blog title. Something people always looking for. What's the difference? In choosing a business name, you think of a unique name that people can remember, but in choosing a blog name, the name should be a set of common words that you can find in the dictionary (my opinion, you can take it or leave it). You need to use common words so that when people search for those words in the search engines, those words become your first set of keywords. How to choose the right words? I outline here a few guidelines in choosing:

  1. List down at least five common word or set of words that you think can best describe your blog, but not more than 10.
  2. From the list, try to determine for most commonly searched in the search engines to narrow down your options. How? There are so many utilities in the internet that you can use to know these. After this list, I will give you another list of sites where you can find most searched words.
  3. In the remaining items in the list, pick the one that has less competitions.
  4. Decide for the one that you think is more appropriate name for your blog. Another trick is two choose two and combine, just like what I did with this blog. I included the "Make Money" phrase because it has a mass appeal.
These are what I have learned so far. If you know a more advance method of choosing a blog name, please let me know. Write it in the comment area to share it with other newbies like me reading this post.

Utilities that you can use for keyword suggestions:If you know of other or even more sophisticated "keyword tools", please share it with me. It might be helpful to my journey.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blogging Startup Step 1: Discover Your Niche

This maybe hard or simple, depending on how you look at it. But finding your niche before you start your blogging, especially to those who are starting from scratch, is the best thing that you should do before anything else. Why am I saying this? Well, I've learned it the hard way. If your main objective is to make your blog an online diary open to the world, don't think about niche. You can write anything you can think of under the sun. What you did this morning, what time you fed your cat, how long had you been on the shower room, or you can just put in all your family pictures on the pages (I did the pictures :) ). There's nothing wrong with that if your objective is just to share your personal life.

But if your main goal is to MAKE MONEY out of it, you might as well narrow down the topic you will discuss in your posts. Discover your niche. Again the question is why? Because if you want your readers to come back to you, you should find a group of people looking for the same topics, ideas that they will think they will need to accomplish something.

How To Discover Your Niche?

As I've said, it could be easy or hard on your part depending on the things that you know about something. Anyway, to help you out on that matter, here is a list of questions you should ask your self to narrow down your selections:

1.) What are the things are you most enjoyed doing at? Most of the time, this question is more on the hobbies that you're into. For example, if you enjoy computer games so much, you might put up a blog about computer games providing tips, techniques or hacks about any particular game that you have expertise with.

2.) What is your profession or job expertise right now? Example. If you are a good project manager and have handled multiple successful projects in the past, may be you can start your own Project Management blog. Your actual experiences can give good education to your readers.

3.) Do you know details about something and you can do it even your eyes are closed? You should blog about it, other people might need the information that you can share to them.
The three questions I gave you have something in common. They're telling you that if there is something that you can do best, blog it. Everybody has expertise. You just have to realize and figure out what is yours. So think about it. Niche, niche and niche, that is the first step.

I have to add. Your blog will be your business and businesses MOST of the time became successful because of niche determination.

Note about this project: My niche that made me start this project was I already know how to start a simple blog and after a few research, I learned that there's a lot of people surfing the net that have been looking for tips on how to start a blog. The title of this blog should have been "Blogging and for Dummies". I don't want to gamble on the word "Dummies" because it could have been copyrighted and I didn't want to waste time checking it out so I settled with "Blogging Startup... Make Money?". I will stick with the question mark for now, because I'm not really sure if I can make most of my readers earn money on this. I've just had a good feeling about the phrase "Make Money" and I will tell you why in one of my future posts.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Did I mentioned that I am using It is the only blogging program to be discussed here because, as I told you, I am not a professional blogger (well, I will be in the near future) and it is the only program that I know right now. I heard of other programs like Wordpress, etc. But I don't want to swallow two or more big fishes with my small hungry mouth. I will not pretend that I am a very intelligent guy who grasp everything at once. I am just an average man who's trying to develop my skills as a blogger and hoping to earn a few bucks to supplement my low income.

Besides, I've found user friendly... :)

I want to point out that I am not going to make a link from my other three blogs. That will spoil the process and not realistic to those people who are trying to start their own blog from scratch. After you get the startup you need from here, you can do your advance research about anything that has something to do with blogging, like how to get more traffic, Search Engine Optimization, etc. But for now, stick with me and we will do it together slowly but surely.
You can also suggest and give your own tips and tricks. I prefer a "give and take" relationship. You can also correct me whenever you think there's something wrong with what I've discussed here. Feel free to give comment.
That's it for now. Happy Thanksgiving Day to those who are celebrating.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Journey of this Blog Starts Here

Maybe you are saying, "Oh yeah another blog about blog and money...". You are correct this is just one of those thousands (or millions) of blogs out there that are blogging how they've got their pages higher in the PageRank and how they've earned a lot of money from it. But there is one thing that this blog has that those blogs out there don't have. What is it??? Well, ah ahum! (scratching my head). To tell you the truth, I am not a professional blogger and I don't have a huge idea on how to do this thing. (scratch my head again) Alright, I admit that I heard that a lot of people are earning money blogging. So the reason is to do the same thing, with hope that I can earn big time.

I am not a professional blogger, but I have already started 3 blogs. The two of them are not actually blogs, the first one is a picture blog of my daughter,, that obviously would not earn me any money. The next one is just a collection of Catholic prayers. I did it because I am a praticing Catholic and I believe that there is a need for it by us Catholics. Right now it is earning half a dollar a day. Thirdly, this is the one I considered as a real blog after the two tests, but I still encountered some difficulties in doing it. The blog is all about Microsoft Excel VBA Programming. It's not yet earning. There were lots of errors, problems and lessons that I learned while doing them. Painful at first, nevertheless exciting and challenging.

After all those trials, now I decided to do blogging as a business. And I am decided to earn money from it. To do that, the first thing I have to do, just like in any business, is to plan for it. I will do a lot of research about this topic and I will jot down every single step that I will make right here. This will be the "make of break" of my blogging career.

The status of this blog right now:

  • No PageRank
  • No Backlinks or Inlinks
  • This is my first post.
  • Not yet submitted to any Search Engines or Directories
So everything is from scratch. This blog will be a step-by-step startup manual of how to blog using

Enjoy reading and wish me luck!

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