Sunday, February 24, 2008

Link Building Step 2: 6 Simple Link Building Techniques That Work

As a new blogger, I have discovered 6 simple link building techniques that work for me. Surely, there are lots of ways to do it but this 6 gives me instant results. Here they are:

1.) - I used to send and publish my blog post to 57 web services in the internet automatically and most of the time I get backlinks from other sites because of it. You just need to send your blog url once and check "automatic updates" checkbox to automatically update it everytime you post. is free. There are other pinging services available that I also use once in a while in the internet like and, but is better because it doe it to me automatically.

2.) - I publish my rss to everytime I post. Why? Because it list my post instantly and gets in easily in Google search engine and gets higher in SERP. Most of the time my readablog listing is higher in SERP than my actual blogpost.

3.) - I use it because it's easy to list your url in it. It's instant and no need for approval. All you have to do is register, look for a group of list that has a high ranking PR and relevant to your blog topics, and enter your url and blog title. You'll see your blog straight away.

4.) - If you want instant but temporary boost in Yahoo search engine, register to If your account is approved and get lucky, you'll get instant 20,000 backlinks. I used this successfully with my other blog (I didn't get lucky with this blog) and got top 10 listing in Yahoo SERP with all the keywords I used in my blog. But I would like to stress this, it is temporary and you need to continually build your links while enjoying top ten listing. It will last for a month or two.

5.) - Don't ignore this service. It is like you shot two birds with one bullet. It works like a social networking site but you need to visit other member's blog to "drop a card" (It's actually clicking the entrecard widget button). It means other bloggers will visit your site and they might get interested in your articles and can become regular readers. Another benefit is when you get lucky and included in the "Holiday Link Love", a link baiting strategy started by Gorilla Sushi, you'll get a lot of backlinks from different blogs. I also want to do this "Link Love" stuff but I don't know yet how to do the small icons of cards. If you know it, please let me know :).

6.) - Register to and look for pictures that are relevant to your blog or topics. Make a good and honest comment about the picture and put your url in it. Please don't make it look like you are spamming.

That's all for this weekend. Next weekend, you'll get more so keep that subscription. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can be by clicking the orange circle logo at the upper right portion of this webpage or you can click here and surely another fruitful tips that I discovered will be discussed next weekend.

Happy weekend!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Traffic Tip 4: Why Do You Need Poor Quality Traffic And How It Can Help Your Website?

Have you ever thought why a lot of bloggers and website owners are into automatic website surfing? And do you think that they are just wasting their time? To tell you the truth, those people doing it are not insane nor wasting their time. They just know how to make great traffic works for them, both poor and good quality traffic that they have been receiving through auto-surfing.

As promised, I will give you a tip today and on subsequent weekends on how I get my traffic, how I used poor quality traffic to get good ones, how I got my PR3 Google ranking, and other stuff that I used to manage this blog successfully. This is the first one of the series of tips that you will get. To be informed in the future of succeeding tips, you can subscribed with my blog by clicking the orange circle logo of Feedburner at the upper right portion of the screen or by just clicking here.

In conventional marketing methodology and newspaper advertisements, it is a rule of thumb that it will take around 9 times of advertisement exposures to get attention of the readers. It means that it will take nine ads to get and experience results in your marketing efforts. The same holds true in internet marketing but I believe it will take more than nine viewing of your website ad for the surfers to take notice of it and even more if you are using only text ads. It is also true that it will take a lot of website visits before you get their full attention.

There is an advantage and a disadvantage in internet ads. The only advantage that you can get is that a webpage is limited in space and if your ad is in the right location, it will surely get a lot of attention once noticed by a reader. The disadvantage is that if you make them visit your site and fail to get their full attention, they can easily leave your site in just one click. But don't worry, somehow they can get back to your site and this is why I told you that it will take more than 9 times of ads or website visits to get them interested to you.

The role of auto-surfing in this marketing technique is very important. First, it is free. Second, some auto-surfing companies offer free text ads, banner ads and of course your website will be viewed many times by the thousand members doing the automatic surfing. The same members are your prospective readers and clients in the future. Since they are members and willing to auto-surf, the chances that they will see your website is great. I know that it takes only a few seconds to see your website when viewed by them but as I told you that the rule of thumb in marketing is that it will take 9 viewing, or more when it comes to internet, to get the surfers attention. To give you a proof that it works, please check out the screen grab of my website google analytics statistic below (click it to expand):

In the figure above, I am using to do my auto-surfing. So far, it is the only automatic surfing website that I have tested to work for me but I have a plan to try other traffic providers in the future. As you can see, that service alone has given me extra traffic of 922 visitors for a couple of weeks but I haven't done it everyday, only a few hours or minutes, 3 or 4 times a week. Take a look at the Bounce Rate. It is 90.35% (I started100% with it). It means that I didn't get much quality traffic from it. Only 9.65% got interested in really viewing other parts of my blog and probably some of them clicked my Adsense ads or some even subscribed to it. By that 9.65% is actually 88 visitors of 922. That 88 could be in my site before and just decided to stick around for a while because they have been seeing it for quite some time. Look at my "%New Visits". It is 80.91%. They are not all new to my site. 9.09% of them have been there before.

Imagine what my figure will be if I have the time to do the auto-surfing everyday with 5-8 hours a day. So if you have the time more than me and do it, you'll get more traffic than what I already have had. I think you can already get the idea, right?

By the way, you can do auto-surfing while doing something else with your computer. You just need to check it out from time to time to know if it's still running. Sometimes it crashes and stops. And by doing so, somehow you'll see yourself exploring some websites that it prompts you. That is actually the idea, to get the members check out few sites that grab their attention. So, to make your blog more appealing can surely give you better results.

If you want to try, you can visit them by clicking the URL below:

Another traffic generators that will surely can give you quality traffic is It is not an auto-surf company but manual-surf one. It is easy to join but you have to gain 50 points or more to be activated. It means you have to manually surf first before your website can be seen by others. But once you get activated, you will get traffic that has better quality than what you can get from You can also refer other blogger's to register and get additional points for free. The more points you get the more exposure your website will get.

I have to repeat this, as the saying goes, "no pain no gain". You have to manually surf first and get 50 points to get activated. You have to work for it. If you just registered and do nothing, you'll get nothing also. So if you are interested to try, click the URL below:

So that's all for now. Next weekend expect more exciting tips. So keep your subscription. And for those readers who just got here, you can subscribe by clicking the round orange logo on the right sidebar.

Happy Weekend!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Tips Are Coming Up Soon

I have been busy for more than a month. I have been implementing SAP Business One with my clients, so I couldn't find a time to update this blog. But prior to my projects, I have done a lot of things already with this blog that will surely pique your interest in doing so yourself.

As you can see, even if I haven't posted for more than a month my subscribers didn't disappear at all. Some are gone but new ones came in. Moreover, my PR ranking became PR3 from PR0. The reason could be one or all of the following:

1.) I am getting enough traffic to attract new subscribers.
2.) My content are somewhat interesting to them (I hope so :) )
3.) I got quality Backlinks.

I know that I have already broken my promise to post daily just because of the projects that I have had. But I am sure that you are still waiting for more and I will not let you down. On weekend, I will be coming up with new tips to post (Not now because I'm still working on my SAP projects). To those who are subscribers already, please don't unsubscribe. To those who are not yet in the loop you can click the big orange circle logo of feedburner on the right to subscribe.

This coming weekend and subsequent weekends, you will get the step-by-step topics on how I get my PR3 rank, how I get my quality and not-so-good-quality traffics, and some other tips.

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