Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Join My Group To Get More Links

I recently created a blogger's group in blogdigger.com. It is all about blog resources and making money by blogging. If you joined the group, you will get more links going to your blog. How many? Well, the number of members who joined, the same number of links you'll get. So, the more who join the group the more links you can get.

How to join?

Just leave a comment in this post putting your RSS or Atom URL. I will do the rest. Simple isn't it. So what are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose, join now.

How you can help to make the group bigger in a short period of time?

This part is optional, but if you can help me promoting this group, the faster it will get bigger the better it will help both of us. If you can make a post in your blog encouraging other bloggers to join and give a link pointing exactly to this post, we can easily make the group bigger in no time.

Join and let's get started to get big. :-)

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Chris | You Are Living said...


Marie said...


Joel Protusada said...

Hi Chris and marie,

Your links are included in the group. Please take note that the more members the more links we will have. please invite your blogger friends to join.


Mr H said...


Amit Ganguly said...

Great post!
Please add my link in your group.


mohsin said...

Very Good Post

Sam J said...


Thanks mate :D
Sam J

Anonymous said...

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